2012 NAICS To SIC Crosswalk

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2017-2022 NAICS to SIC Crosswalk

112120 Dairy Cattle and Milk Production. 0241 Dairy Farms. 112130 Dual- Purpose Cattle Ranching and Farming Aux. 2017-2022 NAICS to SIC Crosswalk  ...

2017-2022 SIC to NAICS Crosswalk

SIC Description. NAICS. NAICS Description. 0111 wheat. 111140 Wheat Farming . 0112 Rice. 111160 Rice Farming. 0115 Corn. 111150 Corn Farming.

2012 NAICS to SIC Crosswalk

2012 NAICS to SIC Crosswalk NAICS NAICS Description SIC SIC Description 221113 Nuclear Electric Power Generation 4911 Electric Services 221113..

2012 NAICS to SIC Crosswalk - PDF documents

Sic - 2012 naics crosswalk sic sic description naics naics description 1499 miscellaneous nonmetallic mining 212399 all other nonmetallic mineral..

NAICS 2012 Data Notice

As with all QWI releases, the 2012 NAICS coding system will be applied to the complete ... including SIC (Standard Industrial Classification) 1987 revision, and the ... A set of industry concordance

2012 Census Industrial Classification

2012. 2012. CENSUS. NAICS. CODE(S). CODE(S). Agriculture, forestry, fishing, and ... Includes crosswalk information to the 2012 North American Industry ...

Concordance Between HS-SIC-NAICS Codes

A Concordance Between Ten-Digit U.S. Harmonized System. Codes and SIC/ NAICS Product Classes and Industries. Justin R. Pierce and Peter K. Schott. 2012- ...

2012 NAICS to SIC Crosswalk - NAICS Association

2012 NAICS to SIC Crosswalk NAICS NAICS Description SIC SIC Description 212313 Crushed and Broken Granite Mining and Quarrying 1423 Crushed and..

Package 'concordance'

Jan 11, 2016 ... tion codes, as well as BEC, NAICS, and SIC classifications. ... dance to SITC2) and trade elasticity look-up (via concordance to SITC2/3 or ...

North American Industry Classification System (NAICS)

For more information on the SIC conversion to NAICS, please go to the Census bureau NAICS .... Projections: Covering the years 2002-2012 will be published ...

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