31 Jo Kata

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31 Count Jo Kata

31 Count Jo Kata. Iwama Style described by Mark Jackson, updated 27Dec06 - Jeremy Ahouse. Begin in left hanmi (L) holding the jo vertically on the floor with ...

Student Manual

Aiki Weapons (Bokken and Jo). Page 28. Happo Giri(bight directions). Page 29-35. Thirty One Jo Kata (31 Short Staff Form). Thirteen Jo Kata (13 Short Staff ...

20. Kenjutsu-bokken-and-jo-katas

Step back with your left foot, thrusting the jo straight to your rear and turning your ..... The following description is that of the 31 Jo Kumi Jo kata, taught by Saito ...

Buki waza seminar met Lewis Bernaldo de Quiros

31 kata and 31 no kumijo. The 31 jo kata is the jewel in the crown of the takemusu aikido weapons system. Originally from the founder of aikido Morihei Ueshiba, ...

AIKIDO of San Leandro

nikkyo ura waza shihonage omote and ura waza kokyunage. Weapons: happo giri migi no awase hidari no awase go no awase shichi no awase. 31 jo kata.

Why practice kata

Dojo there are two katas: the 13 jo kata and the 31 jo kata. There are other styles of ... The initial purpose of kata practice is to internalize the forms. The ultimate ...

Koshi Nage (hip throw)

Migi & Hidari Awase (Continue Cuts. 14. 20 Jo Suburi (10 Movements). 15. 31 Jo Kata (12 Movements). 16. Jo Atemi Basic 8 (5 Movements). 17. 1 st. Kumi Tachi.

PDF of the grading syllabus

31 Jo Kata. 1 to 12. Tachiwaza. 4 Kyu. Ref:PCM/260715. Kihon and Kinonagare - Unless stated otherwise below, techniques should be demonstrated in kihon ...

Programme d'examen du 6e KYU

Mar 13, 2016 - tenkan kirioroshi sankakutai basic and variation. 31 Ikkyo. 32 Ipponseoi ... Table 1: Kumi jo, 1st kata from Ikeda Sensei (omote). Movement of.

Takemusu Aikido Grading Syllabus

Nov 14, 2008 - The uke-nage format of training as employed in Aikido (kata as ... jo dori tanto dori ken suburi 1-7 migi awase jo suburi 1-13. 31 jo kata. 1 kyu.

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