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GreatData.com's Area Code / Time Zone Master List. Copyright .... 506. NB. Atl. 620. KS. Cen* 773. IL. Cen. 907. AK. Ala*. 219. IN. Cen* 343. ON. Est. 507. MN.

Area Code, Time Zone Master List

506 NB. Atl. 614 OH. Est. 727. FL Est. 843 SC. Est. 947 MI Est. 253 WA Pac .... Also Note: Area codes which cross more than one time zone (at least part of the ...

Area Code & Time Zone List

Exclusive Products & Services Provided: Fix old phone / fax Area Codes in your database. Provide International Postal Code data. Provide U.S. Zip Code data ...

Area Code - Time Zone Master List

Est 506 NB. Atl .... North American time zones are behind GMT and our chart tells ... Also Note: In the Area Code / Time Zone Master List, if there is an Asterisk ...

Area Codes Sorted by Time Zone

Time Zone. # City. State. Time Zone ... PA. EST. 814 Erie. PA. EST. 506 Big River/St. John .... Area Codes Sorted by Time Zone - www.PrintableAreaCodeList.

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Area Code / Time Zone Master List by GreatData.com. This list is ... 506. NB. Atl. 623. AZ. Mtn. 780. AB. Mtn. 908. NJ. Est. 216. OH. Est. 334. AL. Cen 507. MN.

Reference Data, Demographics and Location Data for US ZIP Codes ...

Use this Canadian postal code database to append postal codes, area codes, .... Longitude: -67.510246; Time Zone: 4; DST: Y; Area Code: 506; Overlay: No ... Plus, get the dominant area code for a postal

Canadian Geo*Data

Instantly verify Canadian addresses and link the postal codes to valuable ... Area Code & Overlay ... Know if time zone observes daylight savings time. Maintain ...

TRAVEL INFO Currency Exchange Rate ...

Saving Time, Costa Rica's time zone is equivalent to Mountain Standard Time. ... The country code for Costa Rica is 506, and there is no area code inside the ...

Alliance System Advanced Programming Manual

Apr 2, 2006 - The Software is delivered in object code only. You may not alter, merge, modify, adapt ..... Installer menu option 22, Time Zone to Follow Output . ..... 13, Time Zones. 3. Installer Programming

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