50cc Scooter Wont Start Need Help

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Troubleshooting Choke: Scooter won't start

Aug 15, 2009 - If your scooter won't start it due to one of the above not being present. ... Most scooters have four things that need to be done before they can be ...

Top 10 Scooter Problems & How to Solve Them!

Oct 28, 2009 - Scooter turns over but does not want to start. a. Out of gas? ... needs to be drained and replace with motorcycle oil. Car oil is not ... supposed to be baffles in the valve cover to help

50cc Two-Stroke Service Manual

Apr 29, 2009 - If problems cannot be resolved or further assistance is needed, ... needed. Verify spark plug gap, and adjust accordingly. Start engine and ... These 50cc scooters are intended to fit the

Roketa Quick Start Guide

This guide is to help with the assembly and maintenance of your Roketa brand scooter. Should ... Typically all that needs to be done is the axle bolt slid through the .... Turn the air/fuel mix screw out

Owners Manual

Lambretta Scooters, the manufacturer, the distributor and the company. ..... If vehicle will not start, refer to the troubleshooting section. ... applying light pressure to the brakes will help to dry

the scootdawg complete owner s manual

You will also find many specifications that you won t find in common owner s ... A complete shop manual for the 50cc GY6 can be downloaded at www. ... The left brake lever must be held in to start the

owner's manual

Motorsports 50cc Scooter at no charge. ... Should you experience a problem or need to return your Baja Motorsports SC50 Scooter for repair, please ..... CHECKLIST BEFORE USING THE VEHICLE AS THIS CAN HELP

SYM SYMPLY Owner's Manual

A modified motorcycle will not be covered by warranty, therefore, do not modify your ..... It may need several minutes to warm up engine if it is a cold start.

starting & trouble-shooting guide for mini atvs

you push it too much you will flood the engine and the mini ATV will not start. Flooding ... 11B) You may need to adjust idle screws on the Carb as well. If you are ...

Downloaded from www.ScooterTime.net

B. Hold the front or rear brake and press the "START" button. C. If the scooter is ... D. If the scooter can not be started by the "START" button, try the kick starter. 2. Fuel: ...

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