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68W - EMS Continuing Education

may complete any available Health.edu EMS course, MODS credit will be delayed for courses not listed on the 68W Course List until categories are approved.

68W Online Training Frequently Asked Questions

into the Medical Operational Data System (MODS). are the courses ... *68W pertains only to the Army medic MOS, not civilian EMS. 68W Online Training.

68W/EMS Continuing Education

MODS credit will be delayed for courses not listed on the 68W Course List, until categories are approved. HOW DO I REPORT MY COURSES TO MODS?

Are your CE credits in MODS? ATTENTION 68Ws

In order for course completions to be sent to MODS, your profile must be set up correctly and the courses must be approved by the 68W Program Office. For a list ...

68W Mods - PDF documents

68w/ems continuing education frequently asked questions for more information, call education & training or swank healthcare at 800.950.4248. who should ...

Stereo non

Stereo non-inverting Gainclone, LM3886 based. C 2010 version. 1.2. E. Wijkamp. (modified parallel). (specs). Output Power. 68W x 2 (4. Operating voltage.


16 Jun 2010 - Health Care Specialist (68W) Training Program .......... 3-5. 17 ..... (2) MODS, 68W Module and the Medical Protection System (MEDPROS).

68W Career Path - PDF documents

Marine operations nco career advisor small tug vessel master operations sergeant... cmf 88 career map. title: slide 1 author: default created date:

Personnel Readiness Campaign Message 1 ...

12 Jun 2012 - Measures the total number of vacancies in Enlisted MOS 68W (Health Care) ..... following link: http://medpros.mods.army.mil/MEDPROSNew/.

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