70486 CPT Code

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CT Exams CPT Codes

CT Exams CPT Codes. Head and Soft Tissue Neck. Brain / Head. (wo). 70450. (w/wo). 70470. CT Angio Head (w). 70496. Facial Bones. (wo). 70486. (w/wo).

Sinus/Facial Bones CT What is a Sinus/Facial Bones CT?

CPT Codes. 70486 Without Contrast (most common). 70487 With Contrast (rarely ordered). 70488 Without and With Contrast (rarely ordered). Indications.

medical and dental billing codes

MEDICAL AND DENTAL BILLING CODES. Medical CPT Code. Description. 70486. Computerized Axial Tomography, Maxillofacial. Area without Contrast ...

2016 CPT CODE SHEET 1_16

70486. CT Abd & Pelvis W W/O Contrast. 74178 CT Extremity Lower W/ Contrast. 73701 CT Neck W/ Contrast. 70491 CT Sinus Limited W/O Contrast. 76380.


CPT. CODE. INDICATION FOR CT ExAM OR STUDY. CONTRAST. SPEC. CT HEAD. CT Head without ... 70486 Sinusitis. Congestion. Mass. Nasal Polyps. Pain.

2017 CT Exam CPT Codes*

w. 70487 wo. 70486 w/wo. 70488. Neck, Soft Tissue w. 70491 wo. 70490 w/wo. 70492 ... *These CPT codes represent the most commonly ordered CT exams.

Bundling Rules

Jan 1, 2016 - Exam. Rule. Formula Used to Determine Bundled. Amount. 70486. CT maxillofacial ... When a code from column A is billed with a code from ...

2017 radiology cpt codes

CPT CODES pg 1. MRI part 1. CPT CODE. PROCEDURE ... 70486. CT MAXILLOFACIAL without contrast. 70487. CT FACE with contrast. 70488. CT FACE w/o ...

CT CPT Codes and Price List

CT CPT Codes and Price List ... SCAN CODE PRICE SCAN CODE PRICE ... CT Sinus w/out contrast 70486 $1393.90 CT Pelvis w/out fol w/ contrast 72194 ...

Radiology Diagnostic Procedures CPT CODE MODALITY Care Here ...

CPT. CODE. MODALITY. Care Here. Covered. Exam. CT Abdomen Upper wo Contrast ... 70486. Computed Tomography. Yes. CT Femur wo Contrast L. 73700.

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