Air Force Performance Appraisal Bullets

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AFI 36-2406

Nov 8, 2016 - direct reporting units (DRU), and other Air Force activities, as well as Regular Air Force, Air. National .... 53. 1.14. Missing, Late and Removed Performance Evaluations. ...... two lines

civilian appraisal impact on mission accomplishment statements

Jul 1, 1999 - civilian performance appraisal ratings as required by Air Force Instruction (AFI) ... Impact on mission accomplishment bullet statements must be ...

Air Force Performance Appraisal Bullets - PDF documents

civilian evaluation sample bullets bing - by order of the air force pamphlet... performance appraisal bullets... to ebook civilian evaluation bullets pdf at.

FEB 21 2014

Feb 21, 2014 - The annual performance appraisal cycle for all U.S. appropriated fund civilian ... AF I 36-1001, Managing the Civilian Performance Program. .... for those being recommended for an award

AF Form 860A, Pg 1

The overall performance rating is derived from the ratings of the critical elements. ... (bullet format, limited to 9 lines) ... AF FORM 860A, 19990701, V3 ... This appraisal is used for competitive in

US Civilian Performance Appraisals and Awards Guidance

The annual performance appraisal cycle for all U.S. appropriated fund ... Your assistance is solicited to ensure completed AF Forms 860A, Civilian .... Complete Part B, "Impact on Mission Accomplishment

epr/opr/prf writing guide

Review the ratee's previous performance reports -- make sure you know the person you're ... Be honest on the report -- you owe it to the member and to the Air Force ... Use more than one exclamation

Employee's Guide for Writing Contribution

Jun 2, 2000 - Office (HRO) contacted the Air Force -- the service who has had several years ... Employee Self-Assessment is not an exercise in writing bullet ...

performance management handbook

(Civilian Performance and Promotion Appraisal - AF Form 860A) ... justification is limited to 9 lines in bullet format and should address specific accomplishments ...


(AFI 36-1001, Managing the Civilian Performance Program). Air Force Policy: The AF ... Performance Plan or AF Form 1003, Core Personnel. Document (CPD)? [AFI ... performance elements, assigning a rating

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