Army Regulation 750 10 Army Modification

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Army Modification Program

Aug 8, 2000 - o Establishes the Army Modification Program objective that Army-owned equipment be ... *This regulation supersedes AR 750-10, 1 July 1984.


Oct 10, 1997 - The Army's modification of equipment in the field, in a depot, in conjunction with an overhaul, or at a ... superseded Army Regulation 750-10.

Army Regulation 750 10 Army Modification - PDF documents

Army regulation 750-10 maintenance of supplies and equipment army modification program headquarters department of the army washington, dc 5...

Maintenance of Supplies and Equipment

Jan 1, 2009 - publications apply unless modified by this SOP. ... Unit maintenance personnel will use the TM -10, -20, and -30 series to identify, verify .... DA PAM 750-8, The Army Maintenance Management

Army Publishing Directorate

Publications 101; DA PAM 25-30; Administrative Pubs Status; Customer Service Help Desk; Milper Message Number 15-086; Secretary of the Army Awards ...

Reporting of Product Quality Deficiencies Within the U.S. Army

Jul 15, 2009 - Army. Applicability. This regulation applies to. t h e A c t i v e A r m y , t h e A .... (c) All other items, per AR 750-10. ... Army Modification Program.

Study of Army Maintenance Float Policies and Management Practices

10. PROGRAM ELEMENT. PROJECT. TASK. US Army Inventory Research Office , ALMC ..... Purpose of ORF Paragraph 7-1b of AR 750-1 (1972) states.

TB MED 750-1

Apr 13, 1998 - Army Medical Materiel Agency, ATTN: MCMR-MMM, 1423 Sultan Drive, Suite ..... manufacturers' instructions, and TM 8-6500-001-10-PMCS. ..... Modification and alteration of medical equipment

Reset Aviation Maintenance Program Study of U.S. Army Aviation

10. Functional Responsibilities for Army Aviation Maintenance. ..... maintenance facility (Department of the Army, 2007, AR 750-1), and 3) the RESET aviation ...

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