Audio Research REFERENCE DAC Digital To Analog Converter

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reference dac

Model Reference DAC Digital Media Bridge ... ANALOG OUTPUTS ... operate your Audio Research Reference DAC Digital ..... S/PDIF conversion hardware.

Audio Research Reference 150

Reference 150 stereo amplifier, the latter replacing the Reference. 110, which Robert J. Reina ..... The Ref150 sat downstream of a Bel Canto DAC 3.5 VB Mk.II. D/A converter fed digital data by a Bel Canto

Audio Research DAC 8

Shrewdly, ARC has given the DAC 8's analogue outputs significantly higher gain than usual ... EQUIPMENT REVIEW / AUDIO RESEARCH DAC 8 DIGITAL CONVERTER ... are made from the same material used for

hi-fi+ guide to digital audio

32/216 PCM/DSD DAC with four digital filter profiles, output resolution .... Audio Research Reference CD9 .... M1 DAC. The M1 digital-to-analogue converter is a.

Digital to Analogue Converter

The Rega DAC-R is a 16/20/24-bit at 32kHz to 192kHz digital to analogue converter. ... to the DAC IC's similar to the arrangement used in the Isis reference CDP. The USB input stage is comprised of

Digital Link owner's manual.indd

Owner's Reference DLIII Digital Link DAC. Instructions for use ... The DLIII is a state-of-the-art Digital to Analog Converter (DAC). It can accept any USB or SPDIF.

the new reference

Reference class Super Audio CD player with USB DAC, digital inputs ... discs, as well as being a high-end digital to analog converter for ... SA-10 is a 'clean sheet' design, the result of painstaking

12 Amplifiers & DACs From $249 to $90k

digital-to-analog converter from the ground up with technologies invented entirely ... audio (DSD or upsampled PCM) from the Transport to the. DAC. In fact, a Vivaldi Transport and Vivaldi DAC will get

fine products pricelist 2017 v2

AUDIO RESEARCH. CD6. CD Player - DAC, S/PDIF and USB inputs, SE/O, Bal/O analogue outputs, D/O. 8499. SP20. VT Classic ... CD9 DAC. VT Reference CD Player with Digital-to-analog converter, RC, USB input

Odin 2 Interconnects, Speaker Cables and Power Cords

Jun 14, 2016 - In his 2010 review published on The Audio Beat, Paul. Bolin variously praised ..... phono cable; Audio Research Reference Phono 2 SE and Lamm ... Timbre Technology TT-1 digital-to-analog

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