Avaya Telephone 6408D+ User Guide

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6408+, 6408D+, 6416D+, 6416D+M,. 6424D+, and 6424D+M Telephones. User's Guide. 230739i3bk.book Page 1 Thursday, August 12, 1999 12:28 PM ...

6408 - 6416 - 6424 Voice Terminal User's manual

User's manual .... phone so the other person on the call cannot hear you ... Dial the extension or telephone number (If applicable, dial the outdial code before the ...

Avaya Voice Terminal 6408D+ Quick User Guide

Sep 29, 2004 - Avaya Voice Terminal 6408D+. Quick User Guide. Raytheon ..... Dial the extension or phone number where calls are to be sent. Hang up.

IP Office 6400 Quick Reference Guide

DPkUp. Directed Call Pickup. <User>. User. GrpPg. Group Paging. <Group> ... your phone's default feature codes, see the IP Office 6400 Series User Guide ... Further information about Avaya

Definity user guide.

Telephone User's Guide. Prepared for: FEDERAL ... Guide Builder and DEFINITY are trademarks of Avaya Communications. AUDIX and DEFINITY are.

Lucent 8410D Phone Manual

A button you can use to select a personalized ring for your telephone from eight possible ... Use the following special instructions for operating your telephone. 1.

6400 Series Multi-line Telephones

IMPORTANT USER SAFETY. INSTRUCTIONS. The most careful attention has been devoted to quality standards in the manufacture of your new telephone.

System 75

... Communications. 6408D Plus Telephone User's Guide ... For setting up conference calls, use this feature while off-hook (telephone handset out of cradle or.

6400 Series Digital Telephones

NN40170-101 Avaya Telephone Features User Guide. May 2010 3. Telephone button icons. Use this guide as a quick reference for accessing the features of ...

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