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37 The )istory of the Germ Theory of Disease

Collect any props or additional materials you require. 5. Present your ... CHALLENGE .... living creatures made up of the same material as animals and plants.

CHALLENGE - > ne way of transforming potential energy into ...

MATERIALS. For each'group offauf students ' ' V _ V I. I 1 dropper bottle of 3% hydrogen peroxide solution. 1 small piece of sandpaper '. For each pair of ...


CHALLENGE MATERIALS - infectious disease? ... They are caused by cells that do not work properly. Infectious diseases are ... He believed that ...

IAES 2nd Edition 7th Grade (pdf)

Website: Published by: ... Additional SEPUP instructional materials include: ...... How do you think scientists deal with this type of challenge?

Earth Science

Additional SEPUP instructional materials include: SEPUP Modules: ... Website: Published by: .... Challenges of the Mississippi Delta. C-29.

ISSUES and Physical Science

Jan 25, 2016 - Additional SEPUP instructional materials include: SEPUP ... Website: Downloaded from ..... The Net Force Challenge. E-37.


Use of SEPUP materials supports the ongoing reform of school science ... SEPUP. These are available in summary form at In the main ..... SEPUP has responded to the challenge of alternative

Studying Materials Scientifically

Sep 2, 2015 - CHALLENGE. VIEW AND ... Watch a segment about hazardous materials on the SEPUP DVD, ..... tested in a clean cup in the SEPUP tray. 2.

7th Grade Science

Aug 29, 2016 - Is- sues and. Physical Science, like other SEPUP curriculum materials, was funded by the ... .... Scoring guides challenge students to demonstrate

Product Life Cycle

relationship between, the stages a material moves through from its .... Challenge in the Student Book. .... page at, Activity.

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