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Article presents trends in Automatic Identification System (AIS) receiver and transponder construction and operation. Features of low cost AIS systems build by ...

diy vhf ais receiver

GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS ON HOW TO USE YOUR VHF TRANSCEIVER AS AN ... A cost efficient alternative to dedicated AIS receivers is to use a cheap or ...

smart radio sr161/sr162/sr162g ais receiver

HOW TO INSTALL THE SR161/SR162/SR162G AIS RECEIVER . .... Smart Radio Holdings Limited agrees to repair or replace any faulty unit at no cost,.

18 AIS units tested

There are two types of AIS: Class A and Class B. ... compares a selection of blackbox AIS receivers and transponders ... the AIS Engine 2 to produce a budget-.

Metadata Dual Channel AIS Receiver - Si

Caution: The AIS receiver generates and radiates radio frequency .... Similar to class A transceivers in many ways, but are normally lower cost due to the less ...


AIS RECEIVER. MXA-5000. Thank you for purchasing the MXA-5000 AIS. RECEIVER. Please read these instructions carefully before installation and operation.

Humminbird Receiver manual front cover v1

This AIS receiver is an aid to navigation and must not be relied upon to provide .... Similar to class A transceivers in many ways, but are normally lower cost due.


Congratulations on the purchase of your AISnode AIS Receiver. It is recommended that this unit is installed by a professional installer with suitable experience of ...

Raymarine AIS250 Receiver

AIS. Disclaimer. All information presented by the Raymarine AIS receiver is advi- ...... Agent) at no further cost and promptly returned to the customer. 3.3 In cases ...

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