Confirmation Sponsor Name Guidelines OLMC

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confirmation sponsor-name guidelines

GUIDELINES FOR PICKING A CONFIRMATION NAME AND SPONSOR. Below, are the guidelines set by the Archdiocese and the parish for choosing a.


OLMC Confirmation Classes are part of our TGIF class held Sunday ... o Saint Name Form/Essay (due Feb. 12th) .... Practical Guidelines in Selecting a Sponsor.

confirmation sponsor form

... to act as a sponsor for the Sacrament of Confirmation at Our Lady of Mount Carmel ... I meet the following requirements for sponsors: ... -I have received the Sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation, and

OLMC: Confirmation Program Outline (guide)

18 Sep 2016 - Essay: Who is my sponsor and why I chose him or her. 3. They are to choose a Confirmation (saint name) and complete an essay of who the saint is and why they ... OLMC Spfld. Confirmation

confirmation sponsor-name guidelines - OLMC ...

Help the candidate fulfill his/her baptismal promises faithfully ... TO BECOME INVOLVED WITH THE ... during the time of preparation for Confirmation. 4.

confirmation sponsor name guidelines OLMC

Our lady of mt. carmel parish confirmation program 1 passaic st. ridgewood, nj 07450. guidelines for picking a confirmation name and sponsor below,..

Confirmation Program Confirmation II 2016

$40, goes directly to OLMC Faith Formation to support supplies and buildings .... Sponsors of Confirmation II candidates are required to attend the Sponsors Days of Reflections ... Requirements to be sponsor

Confirmation Sponsor Form And Guidelines PDF ...

you are looking for including Confirmation Sponsor Form And Guidelines. ... r Confirmation sponsor-name guidelines - olmc ridgewood guidelines for picking a ...

Book Catholic Confirmation Sponsor Letter Sample (PDF, ePub, Mobi)

Need to access completely for Ebook PDF catholic confirmation sponsor letter ..... sponsor-name guidelines - olmc ridgewood - our lady of mt. carmel parish ...

1 Mar 2015 - Parents and Sponsors. 10 ... The Confirmation preparation process at OLMC is designed to help ... Any students who have not completed requirements will not .... Please provide your First

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