Cu No2 2 Compound Name

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Naming Chemical Compounds

1. Write the name for Cu(NO2)2. Since the nitrite ion has a charge of 1-, the total negative charge is 2-. Thus, copper has a 2+ charge and the name is copper(II) nitrite.

Naming Compounds Handout Key

Naming Compounds Handout Key p. 2. Name each of the following ... Cu. +2. = copper (II) ion. Al. +3. = aluminum ion. Mg. +2. = magnesium ion .... Co(NO2)2.

Names and Formulas of Compounds

5.23 In the name for an ionic compound, the metal ion is named first followed by the .... Ba(NO2)2. Ba2+. Cu3(PO4)2. Cu(HSO4)2. CuCO3. Cu(NO2)2. Cu2+.

Chemistry 1 HH#7 Naming/Formulas Name each of the following ...

SO3 sulfur trioxide. Sr(NO2)2 strontium nitrite. LiH lithium hydride. Fe2(SO4)3 iron (III) sulfate ... Write the correct chemical formula for each of the following compounds. ... Ca(IO)2 copper(I

Cation Anion Formula Zinc Sulfide Zn

CuS. Cu2+. S2-. Copper (II) Sulfide. Fe2O3. Fe3+. O2-. Iron (III) Oxide. MgS. Mg2+. S2-. Magnesium Sulfide. MnO2. Mn4+. O2-. Manganese (IV) Oxide. NO2. NA.


BINARY COMPOUNDS (contain two elements): Name the more metallic element ... calcium sulfate. Cu(NO2)2 copper(II) nitrite. Ca(ClO)2 calcium hypochlorite.

Chemical Names and CAS Numbers Final - 9-25-12 ...

Chemical Formula. Chemical Name. Chemical ... Chemical Formula. Chemical Name .... Ba(NO2)2 barium nitrite. 13465-94-6. Ba3(PO4)2 barium orthophosphate ..... Ca(CN)2 calcium cyanide. 592-01-8. CaF2

Compound Naming Race

Students: Visit for chemistry help! ... copper (II) acetate .... FeSO3. 35) copper (II) nitrite. Cu(NO2)2. 36) nickel (II) hydroxide. Ni(OH)2.

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