Dissecting Pins Definition

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Identifying Laboratory Equipment

To observe the relationship between the structure of an organ and its functions. Materials: preserved frog, dissecting tray, dissecting microscope, pins, blunt and sharp probes, scissors, scalpel. ...

Crayfish Dissection - ESC

2. Classifying Which laboratory tools are useful when looking at the internal organs of an earthworm? Dissecting tray, dissecting pins, dissecting scissors, forceps, probe, scalpel, and hand lens.

Frog Dissection

Section 5: Shark Dissection ... Ovaries- two cream colored organs, dorsal to the liver; function in the storage of eggs. Heart- has two ..... a large dissection tray.


needle, dissecting pins, and pen or pencil ... that the crayfish uses for defense and to capture prey. Each of ... Place a crayfish dorsal side up in a dissection tray.

Rat Dissection Species: Rattus norvegicus

Aug 17, 2014 ... 8) Reinsert pins to hold skin and muscles back. 9) Draw the first internal view as you see it. ***Do the FIRST INTERNAL VIEW drawing now ...

Biological Specimins Handling and Disposal - Hands

The earthworm's gut is a well-defined structure with several specialized organs. ... Dissection pins: These small pins are used to pin down or pin back parts of the  ...


dissecting pan prepared slide of cross section Appendix C if they need to check dissecting pins of Ascaris definitions of orientation terms. compound microscope  ...

IBO 2007 Theory and Practicals_CCL

6 days ago ... dried, the specimens may be kept in conveniently sized open trays. The bottoms of the trays are lined with a material suited to receiving and ...

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