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"Purple Dragon" OPSEC Newsletter Summer 2013

exercises provide DoD an opportunity to train on new equipment or ..... Want a Safe, Secure Way to Transfer Files? DoDIIS One-Way Transfer Service (DOTS).

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Ipswitch file transfer white paper u.s. federal information processing standard (fips) and secure file transfer.

Using the Safe Access File Exchange (SAFE) to Transfer Files

The Safe Access File Exchange (SAFE) is a secure method of transferring large files up to 2GB. In order to send ... Go to the SAFE website 2. ... After selecting one

disa one way transfer- PDF documents

view pdf files:Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) Global Service Desk (GSD) Contact ... Disa one way transfer 10 PDF Results and update:2017-06-02 21:43:58 ... IC-DoD Representational State Transfer

Solving the Cross-Domain Conundrum

Department of the Army, Department of Defense, or the U.S. Government. ... Cross-domain solutions facilitate the necessary transfers, but only for ..... accomplished sufficiently by one-way incoming feeds

MDP: Reliable File Transfer for Space Missions

Protocol. (MDP) to space missions to reliably transfer files. This work builds ... one-way links are all possible issues for space missions. Although these are link-layer issues ... is now in daily use

one-way gps time transfer 2000

May 2, 2000 - performance of one-way synchronization via GPS has improved ... [CJCSI 6130.01b] as the primary means for all Department of Defense (DoD) systems to .... ability to apply corrections for

Trusted Download Procedures

Section 6 of NISPOM Chapter 8 do not support more than one classification and/or sensitivity ... The applicable DSS standard file type/formats and file transfer.

This entire document is UNCLASSIFIED. Any ...

o Streaming IP socket connections, File Transfer Protocol (FTP), Java ... a guard abstraction layer into their cross-domain topology, DoD and IC ... XD Bridge, National Security Agency Cloud Security Gateway

Secure Data Transfer Guidance for Industrial Control and SCADA ...

Secure Data Transfer Guidance for Industrial Control and SCADA Systems .................................. 1. Introduction . ...... application traffic including web services, FTP services, and others.

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