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epoxy intumescent coating systems for fire protection

In the offshore and petrochemical industries epoxy intumescent coatings have been used to provide fire protection to steel structures for example on liquid natural gas carriers, oil drilling ships, floating

Epoxy Intumescent Fireproofing Systems

APS provides application of factory and site based specialist coatings and linings to the ... where hydrocarbon pool and jet fires are a risk, epoxy intumescent fire ...

A Review of the Robustness of Epoxy Passive Fire ...

epoxy intumescent passive fire protection materials (Epoxy PFP) were introduced to ... integrity of the system when exposed to environmental stresses (varying ...


Providing dependable intumescent epoxy passive fire protection solutions for over .... recognize that the epoxy passive fire protection coating system itself must .


Hse information sheet advice on acceptance criteria for damaged passive fire protection (pfp) coatings offshore information sheet no. 12/2007.

Application of Corrosion- and Fire

Aug 29, 2009 - New, innovative epoxy intumescent coatings are much ... fire protective and corrosion-resistant coating systems with improved du- rability.

Passive Fire Protection: Intumescent Coatings

Active fire protection includes alarms and detection systems, sprinklers and water deluge systems, ... solvent-free, epoxy-based with DFTs of up to 25 millimeters. Thick- ... intumescent coatings for protection

Fire-Protective and Flame-Retardant Coatings

fires are typically two-component (usually epoxy) systems applied solvent-free at ..... active ingredient in a water-based epoxy intumescent coating for wood.

Technical Data Sheet Jotachar JF750

Apr 18, 2017 - epoxy. Technical Data Sheet. Jotachar JF750. Product description ... an intumescent coating to provide fire protection for steel in hydrocarbon pool and jet fires for different ... complete

Intumescent Coatings

The intumescent coating is applied to the correct thickness to provide the ... Nullifire SC902 is a fast track on-site, low VOC, one coat, high build system, based ..... Multi-purpose epoxy coating that

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