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Training Course Announcements (ETCA) located at the following URL: ETCA is prescribed by AFI 36-2201, Chapter 8, Formal Training ...

ETCA Course Announcements - PDF documents

Aircraft mishap investigation and prevention course (amip) course description. this course prepares the student to effectively perform aircraft.

formal school request worksheet

Security Clearance Required for Course (Check ETCA). YES ... and the Education Training Course Announcement (ETCA) web site:

AFI 36-2201

Feb 9, 2017 - implements changes to AFI 36-2201, Air Force Training Program. ...... on the Education and Training Course Announcement (ETCA) website.

by order of the commander air education and training ...

Apr 30, 2013 - AETC units conducting graduate-level SOF, PR and UH-1N formal ..... The Education and Training Course Announcements (ETCA) Web site,.

Special Authorization (SA) Instructions

IAW AFI 36-2616 - AETC-funded rental cars are authorized for up to five (05) AETC- ... and Training Course Announcements (ETCA)

by order of the commander aetc instruction 36

Jan 8, 2014 - otherwise specified, AETC/A3F is waiver authority for this instruction. ..... The Education and Training Course Announcements (ETCA) Website,.

Military Education and Training

courses of instruction conducted by either Military Service Schools or civilian ... 7. Air Force Education and Training Course Announcements, ETCA COURSE.

Equal Employment Opportunity Specialists Course (EEOSC)

This course provides students with the skills needed to effectively perform ... and training course announcement web page ( has ...

Mission Statement

At that point, the student may be in jeopardy of not completing the course work required for class credit. Arrangements will need to be made with the teachers.

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