FL 341(d) Additional Provisions Physical Custody

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FL-341D Additional Provisions

c. If the noncustodial party is unable to exercise visitation (parenting time) on a given ... The additional provisions to physical custody apply to (specify parties):.

FL-341 Child Custody and Visitation

Jul 1, 2012 - d. Reasonable right of visitation to the party without physical custody (not appropriate in ... Transportation from the visits will be provided by the ... FL-341. Other (specify days and


JOINT PHYSICAL CUSTODY shall be shared between both parties. Additional Physical Custody Provisions as stated in the Attached Form FL-341(D). AND.


FL-341(A). Supervised Visitation Order. FL-341(C). Children's Holiday Schedule Attachment. FL-341(D). Additional Provisions-Physical Custody Attachment.

Findings and Order After Hearing

Jan 16, 2013 - D Stipulation and Order for Custody and/or Visitation of Children .... (Additional Provisions-Physical Custody Attachment (fonm FL-341 (D)) may ...


d. Reasonable right of visitation to the party without physical custody (not appropriate in cases involving domestic ... Other (specify days and times as well as any additional restrictions): ... Transportation

how to obtain a uniform parentage act judgment by default see reverse ...

If the other parent has not served and filed a Response and more than 30 days have ... Additional Provisions-Physical Custody Attachment, form FL-341D.

FL 341(d) Additional Provisions Physical Custody

15. attached schedule. (additional provisions-physical custody attachment (form fl-341(d)) may be used for this purpose.) (joint legal custody attachment.

Family Law 12-06.indd

FL-341B Child Abduction Prevention Order Attachment. FL-341C Children's Holiday Schedule Attachment. FL-341D Additional Provisions - Physical Custody ...

Legal Update: New Rules and Forms for Family Law and Domestic

May 1, 2012 - No other person has signed a voluntary declaration of paternity for the children. There is no court ...... c. Physical custody to (name of makes decisions ... Joint Legal Custody Attachment

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