High Potassium Foods

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Potassium (pdf)

High Potassium Foods. If your potassium level is high, avoid these foods. If your potassium level is low, choose these foods more often. FRUITS. VEGETABLES.

High Potassium Foods Lower Potassium Foods

Some medicines or health conditions may cause a person's potassium to be too low. ... may ask you to eat foods higher in potassium, such as certain fruits and ...

Foods High in Potassium

Potassium in Foods by Class of Food. Low Potassium. Medium Potassium. High Potassium. Fluids: To 150mg. From 151 to 200mg. 201 or more mg. Apple juice ...

Potassium Foods

Vegetables. Squash: Asparagus, Cooked. 1/2c. Summer, Cooked. 1/2 c. Beans, Green Cooked. 1/2 c. Winter, Cooked. 1/2 c. Beets, Cooked. 1/2 c. Potato: Salad Dressing: Sweet or Yams. 1/4 c or 1/2. sm. *French


The "Steps You can Take" section below has lists of high potassium foods to help you increase your daily potassium intake. Age group (years) VEGETABLES: High Potassium. VEGETABLES: Medium Potassium

High Potassium Eating

Sep 24, 2009 - Excess potassium is removed from the body by the kidneys. Therefore ... The following list includes foods rich in potassium, or greater than 200 ...

Potassium (pdf)

High-Potassium Foods. Fruits. Vegetables. Other Foods. Apricot. Acorn SquashArtichoke. Bran/Bran products. Avocado. Bamboo Shoots. Chocolate. Banana.

High-Potassium Foods Fruits Vegetables Other Foods

Food Sources of Potassium ranked by milligrams of potassium per standard amount, also showing ... Potassium (mg) ... Sunflower oil, high linoleic, 1 Tbsp. 5.6.

Appendix B1. Food Sources of Potassium

Ask your dietitian how many servings of potassium foods you should have from each group. Low potassium foods. Serving ... High potassium foods. Serving ...

Potassium Foods 607809-NFS

607865-NFS. Choosing High Potassium Foods. Why is potassium important? Our bodies need potassium every day to stay healthy. Potassium is in many foods, ...

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