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H2 N2 H2 hydrogen N2 nitrogen O2 oxygen F2

O2 F2 Cl2 Br2 I2. 2.) There are 11 elements that ... F2 fluorine. Cl2 chlorine. He helium ... Classify the following materials as an element or compound. a.

Multiple Choice Questions Unit (3) Chem

The correct formula for the ionic compound formed from Sn4+ and O2- is. A. Sn4O2 ... B. F2. C. O2. D. N2. 7. The compound BrI3 is called. A. bromine triiodide.

COVALENT COMPOUNDS There are two types of ...

whether the molecules are polar covalent or non-polar covalent. Write partial charges on any polar-covalent compounds. 1. F2. Fluorine. Fluorine. Oxygen.

Ionic Compounds I

Rank the compounds below from the compound that has the highest melting point to ... F2 nonpolar, covalent compound with London intermolecular forces. BF3.

Nonmetal C N O Ne Si P S Ar Formula of Compound CF4 NF3 OF2 No ...

Some binary compounds that form between fluorine and various nonmetals are ... and fluorine, and assembles the following list. Halogen. Formula(s). F. F2. Cl.

4.7 Intermolecular Forces

(b) F2 has the lowest freezing point of LiF, F2, and HCl. F2 has the ... Of the compounds Cl2, HCl, F2, NaF, and HF, the one that has a boiling point closest to.

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Oct 27, 2015 - Which particle diagram represents a sample of one compound, only? ..... Which particle diagram represents the arrangement of F2 molecules in ...


Bond dissociation enthalpy follows the order Cl2 > Br2 > F2 > I2. This is because as ... Interhalogen compounds: Reactivity of halogens towards other halogens:.

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well as numerous other compounds. Reactivity with water. Fluorine reacts vigorously with water to produce oxygen (O2) and hydrogen fluoride. (HF):. 2 F2(g) + 2 ...

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