Kitchen Utensils: Small Equipment Identification

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Small Equipment Identification

Kitchen utensils: Small Equipment Identification. Identify the Kitchen Equipment: Name: Liquid Measuring Cups. Uses: Made of clear glass or plastic. Name: Dry Measuring Cups. Uses: Made of metal or plastic

Small Kitchen Equipment

Food Preparation Tools. To help you to . . * Identify a variety of food preparation tools. - Understand how to properly use utensils and equipment. - Recognize ...


Adapted from "Tools of the Tracie", Food {nrTudag Student Wnrkbmk pp.59-BD. ... DIRECTIONS: Small kitchen equipment is designed to do a particular task.

Kitchen Utensils

Kitchen Utensils. Small Equipment Identification. Activity A Name. Chapter 9 Date Period. Identify the name and type (measuring tool, mixing tool, belong tool, ...

Kitchen Equipment

utensils. 2. Names and uses of various types of cookware. 3. Small kitchen appliances that ... basic equipment that lets you ... Small Equipment Identification.

kitchen utensils small equipment identification answers

Kitchen utensils: Small Equipment Identification Small Equipment Identification Identify ...

Page 1 Page 2 Dishwashing instructions FIRST: WASH YOUR ...

Cooking utensils .... The pictures above represent common kitchen equipment used to measure various kinds of ingredients. .... Small Equipment Identification.


erally applies to small or large research kitchens, but special ... in this panel to help identify common logistical problems .... variety of cookware and utensils.


equipment and utensils for ease of preparation as well as for safety. Option 1. Divide the class into small groups (lab units) and give each student a list of small kitchen equipment or utensils ... Then

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Learning Objectives: Identify and use kitchen equipment ... Get out the flour and your utensils: flour sifter (optional), dry measuring cups .... (Small lumps are. OK.

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