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Lander Concepts for MarcoPolo-R

Mission: MarcoPolo-R. Two Lander Proposals (both based on the MASCOT bus). MAPOSSI (LIBS, APX, Camera, IR-spectrometer etc..) FANTINA (Imaging ...

marco polo documents incorporated in the felicitation volumes of ...

in English, of the documents pertaining to Marco Polo given to me by Louis A. Rossi ... Fantina died in about 1375-80. Moreta died about 1375. Marco Polo's ... ... FANTINA (a ~10kg lander MASCOT for the Hayabusa 2 mission),. CAM.

An Introduction To Polo By "Marco"

If you are searching for a ebook An Introduction to Polo by "Marco" in pdf form, then you've come to ... three daughters were called Fantina, Bellela and Moreta.

FANTINA: Fathom Asteroids Now: Tomography ...

FANTINA: Fathom Asteroids Now: Tomography and Imagery of a NEA-. Payload For Marco Polo R CV3 / ESA mission. A. Herique (1), J Biele (2), P Bousquet (3), ...

marco polo

to retire from the hall, Marco Polo produced the coarse, ... Marco Polo tells about the arrival of his father and uncle ..... named Fantina, Bellala, and Moreta.

Marco Polo

Marco Polo went with his father and uncle on his first journey to Cathay, or .... that he married and had three daughters: Moretta, Fantina, and Bellela. He.

Marco Polos Youngest Daughter

famous adventurer Marco Polo. Marco,. Morita and their family are swept up in a ... Some years later, in 1348, the will of his youngest daughter, Moreta, indicated ...

timeline for the life of Marco Polo

1271 Marco Polo accompanies his father and uncle on a journey through the ... marries Donata and together they have three daughters, Belela, Fantina and.

The book of Ser Marco Polo, the Venetian, concerning the kingdoms ...

Messer Marco Polo, with Messer Nicolo and Messer Waffeo, returned from xxvi years' ...... any son, only two girls, one called Moreta and the other Fantina.

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