Modified Parkland Tubal

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Comparative efficacy of postpartum sterilisation with the titanium ...

Aug 24, 2012 ... An assortment of techniques is used for tubal occlusion, with excellent efficacy and safety records.1 Partial salpingec- tomy with the modified Pomeroy or Parkland techniques are

tubal reversal (anastomosis) information

Many variations of the procedure are performed, including the use of different absorbable sutures, coagulation of the ends of the tubes, and repeat ligation of the cut ends. All of these procedures

The Endosquid, a New Device for Laparoscopic Pomeroy Tubal ...

Jun 23, 2015 ... Appointments are generally made after your records have been reviewed and we know if tubal reversal is a reasonable options for you. There is no charge for the review and a mailed

Permanent Sterilization

increased compliance, especially in low-income patients [4]. Available methods of postpartum bilateral tubal ligation. (BTL) include the modified Pomeroy, Parkland, Irving, and Uchida procedures.

Postpartum sterilization choices made by HIV-infected ...

Many modifications and new techniques have been ... In the United States, the overall 10-year cumulative method failure rate following tubal sterilization is 1.85 % ..... Parkland technique. Falope

V. Female sterilisation

monopolar and bipolar coagulation, Hulka and Filshie clips, and silastic bands ( Falope ring). Whereas these methods may be performed by laparotomy, open meth- ods focus on suture with or without

(PCC) Technical Framework Supplement Postpartum Visit Summary

portion with catgut suture), modified. Pomeroy's technique (which is similar to. P omeroy's technique except for the choice of. sutures, placement of more than one suture. ties around the

Chapter 6 Permanent Contraception

Postpartum Tubal Ligation Dictation. Preoperative Diagnosis: Desire for permanent sterilization. Postoperative Diagnosis: same. Procedure: Postpartum tubal ligation, Parkland method/modified Pomeroy

Girish Premji Joshi, MBBS, MD, FFARCSI Present Position Professor ...

Laparoscopic tubal ligation. Pomeroy. Modified Pomeroy. Parkland. Tubal banding. Tubal sterilization. Yeon rings. Essure system. Unacceptable wording ( not specific to type of procedure):. Tubal coagulation

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