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Issue dodaac n65540 admin dodaac tbd pay office dodaac tbd inspector dodaac n/a service acceptor dodaac n65540 service approver dodaac n/a.

Department Of Defense

DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE - ORGANIZATION CODES - AS OF OCTOBER 2008. If DoDAAC begins with: Enter this code in the. Funding. Agency ID data field: Which represents the following DoD Component as requisitioner

LPO Training - Invoice & Receiving Report Combo 5.0

You are an active Acceptor for your DoDAAC in WAWF and you are able to log ..... notifications. ***You should also search in your Acceptance folder and other.

UIC ACTIVITY Area Code / DSN PC Phone Number ...

UIC. ACTIVITY. Area Code / DSN. PC Phone Number. 00011 OPNAV. 901 / 882. 874-4401. 00013 NAV JAG ALEX VA. 901 / 882. 874-3839. 00014 CNR ...

Lines of Accounting (LOA)

Jun 30, 2011 - LOA Data Elements For Customer Identification Codes (CICs). This appendix provides the formats for Lines ... R.4 Navy MISIL FMS LOA Format . ...... Service and Activity. 4. Used by STARS-HCM

routing identifier and distribution codes

This change supersedes DoD 4000.25-1-S1, August 1994 and Changes 1 thru 11. Federal ... Department of Defense Activity Address Code. Department of ...

MILSTAMP TACs: Military Standard Transportation and Movement ...

Feb 15, 1987 - This regulation supersedes DoD 4500.32-R, Volume II, 22 Feb 82, and Changes .... TRANSPORTATION ACCOUNT CODES, OTHER DoD.

Accepting a Navy Shipbuilding Invoice

The Navy Shipbuilding Invoice (Fixed Price) was created to provide the capability to process Naval Sea ... Select a DoDAAC from the DoDAAC drop down menu. Important! ... All other fields in the Search

Transportation Control Number (TCN), Part II, Appendix L

Jun 28, 2016 - Defense (DoD) shippers without a cross-reference to each other's business process. ... unit data points (i.e., TCN and consignee DODAAC) to differentiate ..... number Codes used correspond

NAVAIR - U.S. Navy Naval Air Systems Command

This is the Web site for the Naval Air Systems Command.

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