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May 19, 2015 ... Naval Service Training Command (NSTC) domain. 2. Cancellation. .... difference between a UNIT SITREP and a NAVY BLUE is the potential.

oprep-3 pinnacle, oprep-3 navy blue, and oprep

This instruction has been restricted by the DEPARTMENT OF THE NAVY due to the fact that it contains sensitive and or classified material. Directives containing ...

FEB 0 3 2006

Updated OPREP-3 NAVY UNIT SITREP reporting requirements to include use of live ordnance for warning shots, lesser incidents of personnel misconduct, ...

opnavinst 5370.2

Jan 6, 2016 ... Violation of this instruction or article 1165 subjects the involved members to .... unit SITREP per reference (d) to the Chief of Naval Operations.

Navy SITREP Instruction - PDF documents

Master chief instruction and the senior enlisted academy curriculum... the chiefeval will be ready for download from the npc web site,

joint reporting system situation monitoring manual

Jan 31, 2011 ... Situation Report (SITREP) and the Commander's Operational Report ..... Message instructions in MIL STD 6040 identify unit (tactical)-.


Jul 25, 2007 ... separate instruction by Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Navy ...... SHALL BE INCLUDED IN LINE 17 OF THE NAVY UNIT SITREP: A.

opnavinst 5354.1e

Jan 22, 2001 ... (5) Sample Situation Report (SITREP). (6) Guidelines for the ... instructions concerning EEO and SH have applicability to Navy commands/staffs ...

milpersman 1770-030

Oct 4, 2010 ... References (a) DoD Instruction 1300.18 of 8 January 2008 ... (e.g., unit SITREP, OPREP, Pinnacle) do not replace the requirement to submit a ...

COMMCOMINST 3141.1R Destructive Weather ...

May 8, 2000 ... USCG CAMSLANT INSTRUCTION 3141.1R .... (2) PWO or CWO may contact the Navy Environmental and .... (13) Hurricane SITREP Format.

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