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Synonyms for Words Commonly used in Resumes ability aptitude ... oversee designate engineer execute supervise conduct engage in regulate check direct.

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Indexed. Overhauled. Screened. Analyzed. Developed. Judged. Oversaw. Set. Apportioned. Discovered. Licensed. Policed. Scrutinized. Assessed. Established.

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(Choose a new action verb for each statement, use a synonym if needed to avoid ... B) Oversaw a team of five to generate 60 sales leads and subsequently ...


Organized products for ease of shipment. Oversaw. Oversaw two staff in the shipping department. Planned. Planned sales and marketing campaign. Predicted.


Oversaw. Planned. Presided. Prioritized. Produced. Recommended. Recruited. Reorganized. Replaced. Represented. Reviewed. Revitalized. Secured.

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oversaw critiqued enabled integrated purchased planned diagnosed encouraged ... SYNONYMS TO CONSIDER WHEN PREPARING A RESUME. Carry Out.

KEYS TO RESUME SUCCESS A resume is a ONE PAGE concise ...

Aug 2, 2013 - SYNONYMS FOR YOUR RESUME. Carry Out discharge execute ... oversaw planned prioritized produced recommended reviewed scheduled.

"Dikasterion" In

archons, known as the thesmothetai, oversaw most public suits ... a synonym for dikasterion, was also the name ... of officials who oversaw the prison, presided.


Oversaw. Presented. Managed. Informed. Fixed. Reconciled. Integrated. Refined. Planned. Promoted ... Review this list of possible synonyms categorized by the ...

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May 11, 2011 - Use a dictionary, synonym dictionary, and thesaurus. Proofread ..... Oversaw. Produced. Recommended. Reviewed. Scheduled. Strengthened.

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