Pathway Association Analysis Trey Ideker UCSD A Working Network Map Of The Cell Network Evolutionary Comparison / Cross-species Alignment To Identify Conserved Modules The Working Map Network-based.

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Pathway Association Analysis

... Analysis. Trey Ideker UCSD ... Network evolutionary comparison / cross-species alignment to identify conserved modules. Projection of ... gene families. Network-based classification ... A working network

Conserved patterns of protein interaction in multiple species

Feb 8, 2005 - comparative analysis multiple alignment protein network yeast two- ... cluster) versus its likelihood given that each species' interaction map.

Protein networks in disease

Trey Ideker and Roded Sharan ... study of molecular evolution, to gain insight into the robustness of cells to perturbation, and ... mapping the networks of interactions that take place among .... work

A human MAP kinase interactome

Sep 19, 2010 - chaperones and maPK pathways and identified mUC 2 as the human analog to ... networks based on functional refinement of experimentally ... This work involved four steps: ... modules and

network comparison Systematic identification of functional ...

Jan 27, 2006 - Sourav Bandyopadhyay, Roded Sharan and Trey Ideker ... Systematic identification of functional orthologs based on protein ... protein interaction networks of two species are aligned by

A Human MAP Kinase Interactome

Apr 1, 2011 - Mitogen Activated Protein Kinase (MAPK) pathways form the backbone of ... *Corresponding authors: Trey Ideker, Ph: 858-822-4558, ... (3) A specific analysis of the MAPK network to identify

Hierarchical Modularity and the Evolution of Genetic ...

Jun 7, 2012 - Peter J. Espenshade,8 Trey Ideker,11,12 and Nevan J. Krogan1,4,16,* ... To date, cross-species comparisons of genetic ... GI networks are a natural complement to PPI maps and ... processes

Modeling cellular machinery through biological network comparison

Apr 6, 2006 - Roded Sharan1 & Trey Ideker2 ... multiple alignment, evolutionary models for similarity scoring and ... action maps of multiple species, network comparison itself .... species. Identification

Proceedings - Kellis Lab

Oct 31, 2008 - BMP signaling. EGFR signaling follicle cells roof cells floor cells ... Trey Ideker ... Dynamic regulatory map reconstruction in yeast, Jason Ernst and Ziv .... /Bar-Joseph: Cross spec

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