Philips TV Remote Control Setup

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Instruction Manual for Remote Control This Remote ...

Press the device button you wish to program (TV/STB/DVD/AUX) ... If your device does not respond to the remote control after trying all device ... Philips 30892.

To Program TV or Other Device: To change the remote ...

[OK/SEL] button simultaneously for 3 seconds. The [AUX] device LED will turn on for 30 seconds. device you want to setup. Point the remote control toward the device and enter the 3-digit code number assigned

Instruction Manual for Remote Control This Remote ...

TV. Abex 1098. Admiral 1001, 1081, 1099. Advent 1005, 1053, 1110, 1113, 1476 .... Philips 1003, 1004, 1007, 1011, 1017, 1018, 1047, 1053, 1056, 1057,. 1059 ...

Manufacture Code List

program a different address into one of the remotes. For more ...... TV/VCR Codes. Magnavox. TV Code 887 888. VCR Code 797 798. Philips. TV Code 891 892 ...

4.4 remote control setup guide

Use System Wizard initially to set up the remote to work with the ..... set up to control the TV and/or DVD/VCR, if connected. If ..... Philips 525 527 548 550 563.

Remote User Guide

Simple Setup. The universal remote control comes with the innovative. Simple Setup technology. After setup, the SRP5107 can operate TV, DVD player/.


memory for 5 minutes. 2.2 Setting up the universal remote control. The example below instructs you how to set up your universal remote controls for your TV.

Verizon Universal Remote Control

Atlas Cable Remote Control Codes . ..... 4 Aim the remote control at your TV/VCR combo and press POWER once. The device should turn off. ..... Philips. 0892. Pioneer. 0823. Polk Audio. 0892. RCA. 0823.

equipment setup and

Programming instruction for the BRIGHTSTAR remote. BR100L/BR100P/ ... If the code for your TV is not listed or you cannot get the TV to respond try the following: 1. Turn On the TV. 2. ... 901, 103 PHilips

Programming a DIRECTV Remote to Work With Your TV

Magnavox Universal Remote Control. Philips. Magnavox Universal Remotes let you replace a .... pressed without batteries in the remote, all codes will be lost.

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