Porifera Sponge Worksheet Bio 11 Answers

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Porifera (Sponge) Worksheet Biology 11 (51 marks)

Porifera (Sponge) Worksheet. Biology 11 (51 marks). 1. How does the name Porifera relate to the structure of a sponge? (2 marks). 2. List five characteristics of ...

BIOLOGY 11 Cnidarian Worksheet

by which porifera obtain food? 5. Which body plan of cnidarians is more similar to that of sponges - the polyp or the medusa? Explain. 6. How do cnidarians ...

Porifera Worksheet 1

Worksheet. Name. Date. SECTION. USE THE DIAGRAM ABOVE TO ANSWER THE FOLLOWING QUESTIONS ... Which structure would be used to hold the Sponge together? ... 11. Sponges are said to be sessile. What does

BIOLOGY 11 PHYLUM CNIDARIA Ms. Smith The main characteristics ...

BIOLOGY 11. PHYLUM ... Important changes in structure from a sponge are. ... Cnidarians are more complicated than members of phylum Porifera because.

Kingdom Animalia: Phyla Porifera and Cnidaria

of the Cambrian period (543 mya), sponges and cnidarians were already present. During the ... As the exception, sponges do not exhibit any type of symmetry.

Teachers Guide

Porifera 5. Cnidarians 17. Worms 29. Mollusks 41. Arthropods 51. Echinoderms 65. Appendix ... Answers to Student Activities 87 mm. ... Basket sponges, such as the one on the right, can grow a foot ...

Biology 11 PLO G1

Biology 11 ... Porifera, Cnidaria. Worksheet ... compare and contrast the Phylum Porifera and the Phylum. Cnidaria. (5 marks). 2. Describe the process of filter feeding in a sponge. ... words (2 marks)

Table 1: Kingdom Worksheet

KINGDOM WORKSHEET. BIOLOGY 2201 CURRICULUM GUIDE. 95. Table 1: ... flowering plants sponges, jellyfish, starfish, lobsters, worms, birds, mammals ...

Sponge Coloring Diagram and Questions

Jun 25, 2012 - Found at the Biology Corner. Name. Period ______. Sponges - A Coloring Worksheet. Since sponges look like plants, it is understandable why early biologists thought they were plants. Today

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