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Performance Characterization and Call Reliability ...

(voice over LTE), to support voice as another application on the data network .... and the Hangouts version is 2.4, which are both the latest versions up to the time we write ..... to access VoLTE packets

QoE Doctor - EECS @ Michigan

The ListView version Facebook reduces device latency by more than 67% (compared ... and LTE has CONNECTED and IDLE_CAMPED as shown in. Fig. 1. DCH and ..... To collect RRC/RLC layer data, we use QxDM (

How to not break LTE crypto

show multiple LTE security bypasses that we found in the different 4G modem implementations ..... ment NAS messages: Attach Reject, Tracking Area Update Reject and ..... This allows connecting Qualcomm

Tracking area update in LTE

Dec 17, 2009 - TS 36.213 E-UTRA Physical layer procedures . TS 36.214 E-UTRA Physical layer - Measurements. The latest version of the specifications can ...

Voice and video calling over LTE

HSS. LTE Tracking Area Update. A Tracking Area Update takes place if: - UE detects it has entered a new Tracking Area that is not in the list of TAIs that the UE ...

Cisco Connected Grid 4G LTE Module Installation and Configuration ...

a globally interoperable IP-based voice and video calling solution for LTE, known as ..... Figure A2 shows a simplified version of the VoLTE network architecture.


Aug 6, 2015 - Evolution (LTE) cellular data technology module for the Cisco .... documents that match the Cisco system software version running on the 4G.

NETIMIZER DML Revision History

4G LTE MODEMS ... Qualcomm QPST,QXDM,QMAT are used for all kind of baseband reverse engineering ... Auto update by infecting XML configuration.

piStream: Physical Layer Informed Adaptive Video Streaming Over LTE

Dec 1, 2009 - LTE, FDD 5 MHz UL/DL, 2 Layers DL ... LTE is the first 3GPP standard to adopt OFDM ..... TTCN = Testing and Test Control Notation version ...

Spirent Nomad UX

Adaptive HTTP video streaming over LTE has been gaining ..... QXDM already exposes to each UE its per-subcarrier en- ..... /*update the bitrate levels*/. 8:.

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