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Combat Leaders Guide

Range card (blank). 5-13. Range card (sample). 5-14. 5-15. 5-17. 5-18. Sector sketch preparation. Sector sketch (sample). Occupation of a battle position.

FM 21

GENERAL. A range card is a rough sketch of the terrain ... a range card for the squad automatic weapon, the ... gun's primary sector includes an FPL, a PDF,.

Range Card & Sector Sketch

Platoon Fire Plan / Sector Sketch. Unit/Grid. Vehicle/Grid. Vehicle/Grid. Vehicle/Grid. Vehicle/Grid. DTG: TGT AB0001. TRP. 01. BFV. Tank. M8. OP. Wire.


sketches, synchronization matrixes, and maneuver .... STANDARD RANGE CARD PREPARATION ... A) Primary sector with PDF (sketch limits of primary sector ...

Range Cards and Sector Sketches PDF - PDF documents

Sector sketch preparation make card and copy for each primary, alternate and supplementary position item... sector(s) and range to each draw subunit positons.

Defensive Sector Sketches

sketches. And these sketches can also help him determine how well those fires will cover ... on the use of sector sketches. ... After checking the range cards and.

tactical mission graphics

sketches, synchronization matrixes, and maneuver .... STANDARD RANGE CARD PREPARATION. STEP ... A} Primary sector with PDF (sketch limits at primary.

Infantry Rifle Platoon and Squad

Apr 22, 1992 - Range Cards. 2-20. Types of Positions ... Sector Sketches. 2-24. ...... Weapons control measures include range cards, sectors of fire, principle ...

Individual Fighting Positions

A PDF is laid on likely avenues of approach such as gullies or ... sectors are cleared, and the MG team leader constructs a range card. ... Construct sector sketch.

Infantry Platoon Tactical Standing Operating Procedure - Zulu

The range card is oriented with the terrain and the direction of magnetic north arrow is drawn. b. The gunner's sector of fire is drawn in the sector sketch section.

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