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Appendix 1 The Relationship Inventory Forms and Scoring Keys

The Relationship Inventory: A Complete Resource and Guide, First Edition. ... Inventory (BLRI), presented in their entirety and with the relevant scoring keys.

The Barrett-Lennard Relationship Inventory (BLRI)

Relationship Inventory (BLRI), to measure empathy, regard, and congruence. ... factor analysis in the context of a family member rating a relationship within the ...

1 Relationship Closeness Inventory

Page 1. 1. Relationship Closeness Inventory. Page 2. 2.

Relationship Inventory

Relationship Inventory. Instructions: Take time to think about each question on the inventory and write out some answers to each. Think about a satisfying ...

The Relationship Inventory

The Relationship Inventory. Successful relationships involve a significant amount of give and take. A problem arises when one partner starts to believe that he is ...

Freire, Elizabeth and Grafanaki, Soti (2010) Measuring ...

Barrett-Lennard Relationship Inventory (BLRI). In 1956 ... The BLRI is structured as a self-report questionnaire, with a six-point bipolar rating scale ranging from ...

The Helping Relationship Inventory

The helping relationship inventory: A clinical appraisal. Families in Society, 03/ 0111998,Vol. 79 No.2; p. 123. By: ThomasM YoungandJohnE Poulin.


Increasing precision of measurement for relationship satisfaction with the Couples ... A 32-item scale designed to measure one's satisfaction in a relationship. .... Scoring: For the 16-item

Relationship Closeness Inventory

Relationship Closeness Inventory. Page 1 of 5. INSTRUCTIONS: We would like you to estimate the amount of time you typically spend alone with your.

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