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Range Card & Sector Sketch

Platoon Fire Plan / Sector Sketch. Unit/Grid. Vehicle/Grid. Vehicle/Grid. Vehicle/ Grid. Vehicle/Grid. DTG: TGT AB0001. TRP. 01. BFV. Tank. M8. OP. Wire.

Platoon Sector Sketch PowerPoint - PDF documents

This handbook provides squad and platoon leaders with the roles, tactics... o ensures range cards and sector sketch are complete. - alert plan. -

Combat Leaders Guide

5-11. Range card (blank). 5-13. Range card (sample). 5-14. 5-15. 5-17. 5-18. Sector sketch preparation. Sector sketch (sample). Occupation of a battle position .

MCWP 3-11.2 Marine Rifle Squad

Nov 27, 2002 ... fires over the entire fire team sector of fire. Primary and supplementary .... REFERENCE: ROCK PILE IN DRAW. TARGET: SNIPER IN FIRST ...

Infantry Rifle Platoon and Squad

Apr 22, 1992 ... Sector Sketches. 2-24. Fire Control Measures. 2-25. Priority of Work. 2-26. Coordination. 2-27. Fighting Positions. Section VI - Other Operations.

operational terms and graphics b130836 student handout

sketches at the small unit level. The table .... Let's draw the symbol for the 2d Squad, 1st Platoon, ..... entire zone or sector, preferably along an easily identifiable.


(i) Supervises the priority of work and ensures its accomplishment. 1. Security plan. Ensures crew served weapons tied in according to platoon sector sketch. 2.

FM 21

A range card is a rough sketch of the terrain around a ... gun's primary sector includes an FPL, a PDF, or a TRP ... within your sector of fire where targets are most.

Infantry TACSOP.pdf

Fire support plans. Obstacle plans. CP and OP locations. Challenge and passwords. Sector sketches and or scheme of maneuver. Routes. Pyrotechnic signals.

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