TDCJ Policy PD 22

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Excerpt from PD-22

Jan 1, 2017 - PD-22 is also available on the TDCJ intranet and on the TDCJ website at POLICY: ... The TDCJ has a zero tolerance for all forms of employment discrimination in the disciplinary

Level Two Violations

Violation of Statutory Authority, Court Order, Rules, Regulations, or Policies. 22a. Harassing or Retaliating Against ... or Unauthorized Use of Equipment or Property Owned or Leased by the TDCJ. 30. .

PD-30, Employee Grievance Procedures

Nov 1, 2009 - submit a grievance to the appropriate TDCJ officials for prompt ... Rules of Conduct (as published and described in PD-22, General Rules.


May 1, 2017 - one of the following TDCJ Employee General Rules of Conduct, as published and described in PD-. 22, Attachment A, Listing of Employee ...

Correctional Employees Rules of Conduct

What other rules of conduct violation may exist within this relationship? ..... Texas Department of Criminal ...

PD-97 - Texas Department of Criminal Justice

Jun 1, 2017 - violation of one of the following TDCJ Employee General Rules of Conduct, ... described in PD-22, Attachment A, Listing of Employee General ...

PD-55, Human Resources Records and Files

Feb 1, 2011 - POLICY: The TDCJ shall maintain human resources records and files in ..... employee disciplinary action taken in accordance with PD-22,.

TDCJ Policy PD 22 - PDF documents

Policy statement... tdcj employee general rules of conduct (as published and described in pd-22... texas department of criminal justice.

7.02-1 (09-08

policies and is responsible for reading and understanding the policies, ... WSD Employee Handbook, TDCJ PD-22, Employee General Rules of Conduct.

Rodriguez.PTJ.7.9.13 (Post 1AC) (e)

Conduct & Disciplinary Action Guidelines for Employees or PD-22), a TDCJ policy that strictly regulates employee conduct and provides for disciplinary ...

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