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Handbook for Reporters of Unclaimed Funds - NYC

property to the New York State Comptroller's Office of Unclaimed Funds (OUF). .... Please contact the Reports Processing Unit at nysrpu@osc.state.ny.us to ...

Guideline for Claiming Unclaimed Property

The California State Controller's Office has a program to return unclaimed property value to rightful owners or heirs. Unclaimed property turned over to the State, primarily consists of money, securities

Unclaimed Property Reporting and Compliance 101

Unclaimed Property. Reporting and Compliance 101. Jennifer Brown, Manager, Holder Education and. Research Unit, New York State Comptroller's Office.

Unclaimed Property Reporting Manual

med.gov. you for he ce. 5007-2650 ty Holder: s of Arizon med Prope de every e r friendly a y complyin performin ndoned pro y Unit wor . Each yea dollars to i.

Unclaimed Property Disclosure/Representation Authorization Form

Unclaimed Property Disclosure/Representation Authorization Form. ARIZONA DEPARTMENT OF .... Unclaimed Property Unit. 1600 W. Monroe Street. Phoenix ...

Unclaimed Property Claim Form & Checklist Part A

COT/ST 912 Rev.5/16. Unclaimed Property Claim Form & Checklist. Comptroller of Maryland. Compliance Division. Unclaimed Property Unit, 301 West Preston ...

Guide to Unclaimed Property Uncashed or Unpresented Checks

Outstanding checks are frequently reported as unclaimed property. ... Outstanding checks issued by governmental units are reportable one year from date ...

Unclaimed Property Holder Report Guide

Annual Holder Reports for all unclaimed property, including safe deposit boxes, .... THE UNCLAIMED PROPERTY UNIT'S TELEPHONE NUMBER AS PART OF.

State Unclaimed Property Office Contacts

Unclaimed Property Unit. P.O. Box 29026. Phoenix, AZ 85038 - 9026. (602) 364 - 0380 www.azunclaimed.gov/. 17 3. Unclaimed Property: A Reporting Process ...

Unclaimed Property Guideline

Oct 15, 2013 - to the Indiana Attorney Generals Unclaimed Property Division. .... If the department/unit has property with a credit balance recorded in their ...

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