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Delayed Entry and Delayed Training Program - USAREC

*USAREC Regulation 601-95. Effective 15 August 2002. Personnel Procurement. Delayed Entry and Delayed Training Program. Contents (Listed by paragraph ...

*USAREC Regulation 601

May 31, 2006 - Waiver, Future Soldier Program Separation, and Void Enlistment Processing Procedures ... revised USAREC Reg 601-56, which is effec- tive 31 May 2006. Because ...... entered on delayed entry

Enlistment, Accessions, and Processing ... - USAREC

USAREC Reg 601-95. Delayed Entry and Delayed Training Program. (Cited in paras H-4g(3) and Q-11b(2)(b).) USAREC Reg 601-101. Education Enlistment ...

Enlistment Standards Program *USAREC Regulation 600

Mar 11, 2004 - C. Enlistment Standards Program Standing Oper- ating Procedures ..... USAREC Reg 601-95, Delayed Entry and Delayed Training Program.

Enlistment, Accessions, and Process- ing ...

Dec 15, 2009 - *This regulation supersedes USAREC Regulation 601-96, dated 20 November 2007. .... areas: QC procedures; Delayed Entry Program (DEP), Delayed Training Program (DTP), and days of service

Recruiting Incentive Awards

*This regulation supersedes USAREC Regulation 672-10, 22 October 1999. Contents (Listed by .... If a Delayed Entry Program (DEP) loss occurs it will void the award of the ..... governed by USAREC Reg 601

US Army's Delayed Entry Program: Attrition Modeling

Delayed Entry Program, United States Army Recruiting Command, attrition, DEP Loss ..... USAREC Regulation 601-95 states, "DEP loss has a major impact on ...

the legal implications of unauthorized promises and other military ...

Feb 1, 2008 - The Delayed Entry Program (DEP) minimizes the immediate effect ... Program, Regulation 601-95 (2002), ..... Other branches have similar regulations

Delayed Entry Program attrition

Delayed Entry Program (DEP) Attrition, Recruiting, Manpower Supply,. PAGES ..... (USAREC. Regulation 601-95) The Marine Corps has been the most. 15 ...

USAREC Reg 601 95 - PDF documents - DOC

usarec reg 601-95 delayed entry and delayed training program. (cited in paras h-4g(3) and q-11b(2)(b).) usarec reg 601-101 education enlistment credentials.

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