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Rates of vehicle tax (V149 and V149/1)

27 Mar 2013 - Rates of vehicle tax for cars, motorcycles, light goods vehicles and private light goods vehicles (V149)

Rates of vehicle tax

From the second licence onwards, the standard rate of vehicle tax will apply. Rates of vehicle tax. for cars, motorcycles, light goods vehicles and private light goods vehicles. 3/17. V149.

Taxing historic vehicles

Taxing historic vehicles. Find out about DVLA's online services. Go to How we identify a vehicle as 'historic'. You may be able to tax ...

The safe use of vehicles on construction sites HSG144

and the public can all be at risk if construction vehicle activities are not properly ... operations; selecting and maintaining vehicles; and safe driving and working.

Your guide to Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles

WAV prices at This guide introduces you to the world of Wheelchair. Accessible Vehicles (WAVs) and provides some useful advice that we ...

IVA inspection manual: passenger vehicles (M1)

29 Apr 2012 - The Indvidual Vehicle Approval (IVA) manual for passenger vehicles.

Customer declaration for zero

1 Apr 2017 - Use this form if you need to declare VAT relief on adapted motor vehicles for disabled wheelchair or stretcher users, charities and eligible ...

Anti Social use of motor vehicles

mess about with the vehicle when driving or on car parks. Sec 59 was written in law to stop anti-social use of motor vehicles. Effectively the law is there to stop ...

more efficiently managing your vehicles

Green Fleet Management. 03. Green fleet management involves managing vehicles with a view to minimising their fuel use, emissions and costs. The most.

Foreign Licences / Vehicles

foreign registered vehicles and drivers producing a foreign driving licence. I stop a driver who produces a Foreign Driving Licence, is it valid in the UK?

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