Victaulic Copper Fittings

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Copper Product Specification

Victaulic Fittings d. Victaulic Valves e. Victaulic Roll Grooving Tools. 3. Execution. B. Submittals. 1. Copper grooved products shall be shown on drawings and ...

Dielectric Transition Fittings 22.21

Victaulic Style 647 IPS to CTS dielectric transition fittings are typically used to join carbon steel or stainless steel pipe to copper tubing with one fitting. The fittings ...

Effective February 2017

41 Hole Cut System. 45 Expansion Joints. 51 Plain End System for Carbon Steel. 53 Stainless Steel System. 69 Copper System. 75 Shouldered Steel System.

Field Installation Handbook

for Flexible, Installation Ready Couplings .......................57. Allowable Pipe End Separation and Pipeline Deflection for AGS Flexible Couplings on Direct Grooved ...


35 Hole Cut System. 37 Expansion Joints. 41 Plain End System for Carbon Steel. 43 Stainless Steel System. 55 Copper System. 61 Shouldered Steel System.

General Price List

Victaulic is a registered trademark of Victaulic company. ... the Victaulic website is an information resource ... Steel (IPS) to Copper (CTS) Transition Fitting.

Copper Fittings

Full flow, standard radius copper fittings are supplied roll grooved, ready for ... equipped only with Victaulic rolls designed specifically for grooving copper tube.


Victaulic standard fittings pressure ratings conform to the rat- ings of Victaulic Style 77 couplings. Stainless ..... copper alloy bodies which obviate dielectric.

General Catalog

meet Victaulic groove specifications and Victaulic grooved end fittings, valves, .... a simple, economical method for joining carbon steel, copper, stainless steel, ...

Copper Fittings 22.04

CTS fittings for use with Style 606 copper connection couplings or Style 641 Vic-Flange ... REV_G. SEE VICTAULIC PUBLICATION 10.01 FOR DETAILS ...

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