What Is My Dodaac Code

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Department Of Defense

DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE - ORGANIZATION CODES - AS OF OCTOBER 2008. If DoDAAC begins with: Enter this code in the. Funding. Agency ID data field:.

DoDAAC Assignment Logic

Jun 30, 2015 - DoDAAD Tables, Codes, and Rules. DoDAAC Assignment Logic. The following is the Service/Agency DoDAAC assignment logic: Army: A, C, W ..... MW. Parris Island. MX. Various; MCCS & SE;

DoDAAD Major Command (MAJCOM) Codes

Apr 20, 2017 - DoDAAD Tables, Codes, and Rules. DoDAAD Major Command Codes (MAJCOM). CODE. SERVICE. MAJCOM. DESCRIPTION. U.S. Air Force.

How to get a Department of Defense Address Activity Directory ...

o Associated with the DODAAD is the DoD Activity Address Code (DODAAC), a six-position code which is the key to accessing the information in the DoDAAD.

FAQs on Temporary Activity Address Code (AAC) Requirement

Defense Activity Address Code (DoDAAC) when using purchase cards to place orders for. GSAsupplied ... Will I need to enter my AAC every time I order? No.

Lines of Accounting (LOA)

Jun 30, 2011 - LOA Data Elements For Customer Identification Codes (CICs) ...... Used by STARS-HCM for OB UIC for RDT&E,N only. 5. Used by ...

routing identifier and distribution codes


AFI 24-230

Feb 20, 2009 - terminate an Air Force DoD Activity Address Code (DoDAAC) in the ... A BPN is a six-digit Department of Defense code that identifies a unit, ...

Transportation Control Number (TCN), Part II, Appendix L

Jun 28, 2016 - NOTE: Different work functions with the same Department of Defense Activity Address Code. (DODAAC) (e.g., supply, traffic management, 463L ...

Frequently Asked Questions: Contractor

The DCAA office code in my contract was left blank. How do I find out ... Answer: If the DCAA DODAAC is not listed in your contract, you can access our Locator ...

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