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IL-2848, Power of Attorney

... do not properly complete this form, you will be required to submit a new IL-2848. ... 6 This power of attorney revokes all prior powers of attorney on file with the ...

IL-2848-AH Power of Attorney For ...

IL-2848-AH Power of Attorney For Administrative Hearing Proceedings. Read this information first. If you do not have a Form IL-2848, Power of Attorney, on file, ...

Illinois 2848 Instructions

You may send completed power of attorney forms by scan and email through a help desk ticket to help@onpay.com. Why is the IL-2848 Power of Attorney ...

Il Form 2848 Instructions

separate Federal letters for Forms 114, 2848, and 3115. Illinois. Schedule D will ... APPLY. for an SSN, file Form SS-5 with the Social Security Admin- istration.

Instructions for Form 2848

Dec 31, 2015 - The fax number for filing Form 2848 with the IRS if it is sent from outside the United ... Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky,.


Attach a copy of this form to each specific tax return or item of correspondence for which you are requesting power of attorney. Do not send this form separately.

NUC-1 -------------------- (R

If you photocopy this form, be sure to mail us the original. Section 1: Identify .... attorney, complete and attach Form IL-2848, Power of Attorney. Under penalties of ...

IL-4506-F, Request for Copy of Fraudulent Tax Return

If you are the person whose name and SSN was used to file the fraudulent return, you ... Representative named on Form IL-2848, Power of Attorney. Requestor's ...

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Identification and Employer Identification Numbers to file Illinois ST-1 sales tax ..... If you do not have a Form IL-2848, Powar of Attorney, on file, y1:lu must file ...


Direct file debit (for sales, telecommunications, tobacco,. 3 If a change, write the .... signed Form IL-2848-E is kept in the designated agent's books and records.

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