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Examining Social Compliance Programs through Conversations with ...

organization can best serve its stakeholders and meet the needs of the ... kept confidential, with no comments being attributed to any individual or organization.

Production Facility Handbook

certification, please visit our website at www.wrapcompliance.org. The WRAP Principles (see page 6) are based on generally accepted international workplace.

WRAP is pleased to offer you a two day Internal Social Systems ...

Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production, 2200 Wilson Boulevard, Suite 601, Arlington, VA 22201. Tel +1 703 243 0970. http://www.wrapcompliance.org.


is a non-profit, non-governmental organization, and has a Board of Directors that .... (www.wrapcompliance.org) by clicking on the 'Handbooks' link, choosing a ...


Page 1. CT-PAT foreign manufacturing site security requirements one day awareness course. Course Delegate pre-reading.

The Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production (WRAP) program ...

will have a thorough knowledge of WRAP compliance which will assist them in gaining WRAP certification and meeting ... Email: info@wrapcompliance.org.

Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production - WRAP

http://www.wrapcompliance.org. For more information, visit Standards Map or send us an e-mail: standardsmap@intracen.org. Worldwide Responsible ...


chickson@wrapcompliance.org. Worldwide Responsible Accredited Produc9on. Arlington, VA, USA www.wrapcompliance.org. +1-880-2883-6356. +1-703-243- ...


Conduct is based on International Labour Organization (ILO) standards, and seeks to protect the Workers ... *http://www.wrapcompliance.org/12-principles.

Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production (WRAP)

visit at http://www.wrapcompliance.org/documents/MonitorSelect.php. WRAP 12 Principles: The WRAP Principles are based on generally accepted international.

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