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Epic is allowed under YNHH policy when accessed via Citrix from a personal computer. How do I access Epic remotely? In order to remotely access Epic, please ...

CITRIx LoGIN FoR EPIC ACCEss - ProjectEpic@ynhh.org

There are two ways you can access Epic: Via the Desktop or. Citrix via the Portal. Accessing Citrix via the Desktop. If you are accessing Epic from your hospital ...

Epic Remote Access for Mobile Devices

How do I request access to Epic for my mobile device? Which mobile devices ... Citrix Receiver configuration for Apple iDevices (iPhone, iPad). Citrix Receiver ...

Installing the Citrix Receiver for Mac and connecting to Epic ...

Installing the Citrix Receiver for Mac and connecting to Epic. Hyperspace using the Uplink VPN. 1) Open a browser and navigate to: ...

Instructions for installing Citrix Receiver

Apr 21, 2014 - Installing Citrix Receiver for Windows . ... Install Citrix Receiver . .... password and RSA information. (Your network ID the same as your Epic and.


trainee paid through YNHH (receiving a paycheck from YNHH) is allowed to purchase one iPad tablet using their ... Hospital electronic medical record system (SCM, Epic) will be included on iPad, delivered

Ynhh Citrix Portal - PDF documents

In order to access epic, please follow the instructions below. there are two ways you can access epic: via the desktop or citrix via the portal.

Portal Ynhhs - PDF documents

Annual report 2011 - yale new haven health system ... The ynhhs epiccare ambulatory team to mold and sculpt epic soft-ware so that it will meet the needs of...

ynhh portal employee self service

ynhh employee intranet · ynhh employee portal · yale epic portal · yale citrix portal · yale benefits ... https://workday.yale.edu/sites/default/files/files/Employee Self.

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