Yokozuna Finisher Banzai Drop

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WWF Royal Rumble

As a former sumo wrestler, massive Yokozuna" learned the art of ... "Banzai Drop" When your opponent is lying in the top half of the ring, .... his finishing. ITIOWE.

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Presidential. Rumble. 144. WWF. Finishing. Moves. 152. Zeppelin. Warfare. 156. Salad ...... BANZAI DROP. Yokozuna. AVALANCHE. The Canadian Earthquake.

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Yokozuna. Brainbuster Millenium. Brainbuster Millenium. Brainbuster Millenium. Sonny Rogers ... FIN 1: Banzai Drop ...... FIN 2: Favorite Wrestler's Finisher.

Newsletter 1 Sampler

hold it together...he now uses it in his finisher...a ... Finisher: Bonzai Drop Off 2nd Turnbuckle ..... the Inoki family, a true Yokozuna (grand sumo champion).

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friendly counters before tagging Owen AND Yokozuna. ... Yoko goes up for the Banzai Drop only for Bart .... countering into and finishing with the Curtain Call.

The Raw Files: 1994

enough how much that Banzai Drop freaked me out. ..... Tatanka chops him a lot before finishing with ..... 'Mania card; Bret-Owen, Yokozuna-Luger and the.

The Nail That Sticks Out

Its loss meant more than the near-foreclosure on my house, and credit cards snatched ...... I was finishing up breakfast on the porch of the inn, wearing bathing trunks ...... crowded off to mere sidebars


responsibility for loss, damage or non-delivery. If you want ...... index, bibliography, notes, chart list of Yokozuna, map, the ...... THE "DEMOCRACIES" GO WEST BY Rihachiro Banzai. ...... from


yokozuna tsarevna czarevna tzarevna hryvna myna amboyna boa balboa bilboa jerboa ...... dropped paradropped backdropped airdropped outdropped propped ...... evanishing plenishing finishing refinishing

Sports - Humber Libraries

Mar 24, 1994 - bus-pull launched the week-long fundraiser that PR students ...... Yokozuna match and played a ... his finishing "banzai" manoeu- vre. Hart then ...

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