Znco3 Compound Name

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Names and Formulas I. Give the names of the following compounds: 1. NaCl Sodium chloride. 2. AgN03 ... ZnCO3 Zinc carbonate. 6. NaZSO4 Sodium sulfate. 7.

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view pdf files:EXERCISE 3 Names and Formulas 1 Give the names of the following compounds: NAME SECTION INSTRUCTOR Sodium chloride Silver nitrate ...

znco3 compound name

Write the chemical formula for the following compounds: 1. ... Zinc carbonate ______ ZnCO3. 9. ... Give the correct name for each of the following compounds. 1.

Chemical Formulas

Name. Formula. Type of compound. (ionic, molecular/covalent or acid) ... ZnCO3 ... Identify the error in each of the following pairs of names & formulas: CaBr.

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Appendix 3. 3B Common Names of Chemicals ... Formula. Chemical name ... calamine. ZnCO3 zinc carbonate chalk. CaCO3 calcium carbonate. Epsom salts.

3B Common Names of Chemicals 3C Names of ...

Name the following type I ionic compounds (metals with only one common ... ZnCO3 zinc carbonate. 6. Na2SO4 sodium sulfate. 7. Al2O3 aluminum oxide. 8.

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Common Chemical Formulas and Names. Common Name. Chemical Name. Chemical ... Sodium Sulfite. Na2SO3. Zinc Carbonate. Zinc Carbonate. ZnCO3.

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1. 1. OXIDES. Name of the compound. Formula ... Zinc Carbonate. ZnCO3. White. Yellow when hot white when cold. Yellow residue of zinc oxide obtained which.

1. OXIDES Name of the compound Formula Original Colour Final ...

WS8-4_IonicComp. Fill in the missing information in the table below. Name ... ZnCO3. 22. Hydrogen sulfide. 23. Make up your own. 24. Make up your own. 25.

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